About Us

We cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms and campaigns to create experiences.

Established in mid 2018, Rabid Rat Studio is a fairly new contender on the CGI market. Our portfolio grows daily, and our purpose is clear: provide state-of-the-art CGI fidelity thanks to our eclectic set of skills. We pride ourselves with tailoring our solutions perfectly to our clients’ needs.

Rats do not carry rabies in real life; our name therefore is a pun of sorts. Rabid Rat, Rabid Rat Studio, it also rolls off the tongue pretty well, so we think.

Rest assured that even the most minute nuances of your project are being well taken care of by the Rabid Rats. From 3D modelling to biomechanics, through animation and molecular modelling, every bit of knowledge and craftsmanship comes together to create immersive, borderline tangible visual experiences. We provide our clients the fulfilled potential of immersive virtual environments in fields such as marketing, training, education or entertainment.

Rabid Rat Studio offers a mixture of expertise in 3D art and biomedical sciences. We’ve worked on over 150 different projects; these include 3D animation, advertisements, video games, 3D movies and VR applications, including Augmented Reality. Our artistic skill is complemented by experience in structural bioinformatics and molecular modelling and visualizations. We’ll work on projects focusing on any of these fields, thanks to our unusual blend of competences though, we are able to deliver beautiful, immersive, but also scientifically accurate educational and training applications.

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